Cabell Huntington Hospital offers lactation support through comprehensive team of breastfeeding specialists

Monday, April 15, 2024

More than 35 nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital, a member of Marshall Health Network, have earned specialized credentials in lactation support to better care for nursing mothers.

(L-R): First row: Abigail Adams, Monica Schletter. Tara Woodrum, Talisha Franklin, Courtney Cornette, Bethany Ramey, Tanya Taylor, Paige Marsh; Second row: Krista Apgar, Courtney Ballard, Shelbey Heaberlin, Amanda Hale, Dawn Kinser, Alyssa Foster, Kacie O’Neal, Charlotte Dillon, Sarah Damron, Amy Smith, and Emily Stacy

Nurses from The Maternity Center’s Mother/Baby Unit (MBU) and Labor and Delivery Unit (L&D) as well as nurses from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Neonatal Therapeutic Unit (NTU) at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital have received the following lactation credentials:

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • Charlotte Dillon (MBU)
  • Dawn Kinser (MBU)
  • Charlotte Smith (MBU)
  • Emily Stacy (MBU)

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)

  • Sarah Blake (NICU)
  • Sarah Damron (L&D)
  • Jessica Shook (MBU)
  • Amy Smith (MBU)
  • Summer Waugh (MBU)

Certified Lactation Specialist (CLS)

  • Jennifer Burgess (MBU)
  • Andrea Gibson (MBU)
  • Tara Woodrum (MBU)

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS)

  • Abigail Adams (NICU)
  • Krista Apgar (NICU)
  • Courtney Ballard (NICU)
  • Victoria Boyer (NTU)
  • Courtney Cornette (L&D)
  • Rebecca Damron (MBU)
  • Diane Evicks (NTU)
  • Alyssa Foster (MBU)
  • Talisha Franklin (L&D/MBU)
  • Amanda Hale (L&D)
  • Shelbey Heaberlin (L&D)
  • Denise Johnson (MBU)
  • Paige Marsh (L&D)
  • Kara McNeal (NICU)
  • Kara Napier (NICU)
  • Kacie O’Neal (NTU)
  • Bethany Ramey (L&D)
  • Johnda Ray (MBU)
  • Sara Runyon (MBU)
  • Monica Schletter (NICU)
  • Rachel Sierson (MBU)
  • Deena Spurlock (MBU)
  • Tanya Taylor (L&D)
  • Lynnsey Troubetaris (NTU)

“The Maternity Center’s comprehensive team of lactation specialists offers one-on-one support and services for breastfeeding success,” said Melanie Akers, DNP, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Women and Children’s Services at Marshall Health Network. “Through this certification process, these 36 nurses have enhanced their knowledge, skills and competencies to provide breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or who have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation.”

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