Marshall Health Network celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Friday, April 12, 2024

Marshall Health Network (MHN) and its member hospitals will celebrate the vital role of laboratory staff during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, April 14-20.

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is an annual celebration for all medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who are involved in the analysis and interpretation of more than 14 billion lab tests in the U.S every year that support health care treatment decisions and patient advocacy.

“MHN laboratory professionals connect the pieces for physicians to deliver highly-reliable patient care,” said Matthew Brooks, MLS(ASCP)CM, director of clinical laboratory services at MHN. “Working behind the scenes in a profession that requires intense focus and demands 100% accuracy, laboratory professionals have a significant impact on patient outcomes. Whether analyzing specimens, completing serological testing to provide safe transfusions or performing precise and calculated measurements for diagnosing a wide array of illnesses and diseases, our skilled technicians and technologists are integral in providing accurate data for patient care.”

Additionally, Brooks noted, “During Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, please celebrate, reach out and thank these behind-the-scenes laboratory experts for all they do to support patient care.”

MHN has several job opportunities in clinical laboratory science, and interested candidates are encouraged to visit to learn more. Photos of our MHN lab professionals can be viewed on Facebook