Ohio Valley Bank donates $10K to Hoops Family Children’s Hospital

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Final installment of $50K gift to support patients and families

(Left to right): Kristi Arrowood, Executive Director of Mountain Health Foundations; Ginny Maynard, NICU Clinical Coordinator at HFCH; Bryan Stepp, OVB Executive VP Lending/Credit; Dr. Eduardo Pino, medical director of clinical operations at HFCH and chief medical information officer for Mountain Health Network; Tom Wiseman, OVB Chairman of the Board; Larry Miller, OVB President and CEO; and Ben Pewitt, OVB Vice President of Business Development.

Ohio Valley Bank (OVB) has donated $10,000 to Hoops Family Children’s Hospital (HFCH) at Cabell Huntington Hospital, a member of Mountain Health Network, to support the patients and families served by the children’s hospital. This donation is part of OVB’s overall gift of $50,000. According to Larry E. Miller II, President and CEO of The Ohio Valley Bank Company, the bank’s decision to support the hospital falls right in line with OVB’s “Community First” mission.

“Ohio Valley Bank is proud to support the medical professionals at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital and the truly heroic work they do saving lives and improving outcomes of children in our region,” Miller said.

Kristi Arrowood, executive director of Mountain Health Foundations, said OVB has a history of investing in the community. To recognize their support, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) room was dedicated in their honor.

“Several OVB leaders’ children and grandchildren have received excellent care at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital,” Arrowood said. “In fact, the room we dedicated, room 5953, was the exact room that the daughter of Tom Wiseman, OVB’s Chairman of the Board, stayed in when she received care in our NICU. It’s a full circle community investment, and we could not be more grateful for our partnership with OVB.”

To learn more about how you can make a difference in our health care community, visit www.mountainhealthfoundations.org. For more information about HFCH, visit www.hoopschildrens.org.