Meet the Residents

Emily Baer, PharmD

Education: Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Hometown: Bedford, IN
Practice Interests: Pediatrics, Infectious Disease, Management
Why Cabell? "I chose Cabell because I felt supported. The community that Cabell offers allows me as a resident to learn and grow with other disciplines. I appreciate the diverse background practice interests that each preceptor offers. I feel that my learning is valued, and that each preceptor takes the time to tailor each rotation to my learning needs. I look forward to the year of growth and learning ahead."
Hobbies: Running, reading, spending time with family and friends

Heather Zimmerman, PharmD

Education: University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy
Hometown: Crittenden, Kentucky
Practice Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Toxicology
Why Cabell?
"What I loved about Cabell during the residency recruitment process (and now, as a resident) was their responsiveness, transparency, and flexibility. They have a lot of pride in their residents and the things they have accomplished, and what they have been able to facilitate for them. I could tell that the preceptors and residency program director and coordinators cared about their residents, loved teaching them, and were invested in their growth. The preceptors here go out of their way to make sure the residents have what they need to become the pharmacists they want to be, while still encouraging them to work on their weak spots and motivating them when challenges arise. Residency is difficult, but the support I've had here is phenomenal, and it's made the difficult days easier and the great days better."