Many health insurance policies offer surgical weight-loss benefits, while others do not. If surgical weight loss is covered by your policy, you may be required to fulfill certain requirements, such as supervised weight loss, an exercise program and/or testing before your insurance company will authorize the surgery. It is important to understand and follow the specific requirements dictated by your policy within the time frame they allow. To find out if surgical weight loss is covered by your policy and what the policy requirements are, please call your health insurance company and ask about the following procedures, using these CPT codes:

  • Gastric bypass: CPT code 43644
  • Adjustable gastric band: CPT code 43770
  • Gastric sleeve resection: CPT code 43775
  • Duodenal switch: CPT code 43845

Insurance Companies

Here are some links to insurance companies we often deal with.

For questions related to insurance coverage for bariatric surgery, please call 304.399.4123.